This project is the new location for the project formerly hosted at the address As of December 2014, this present site has the latest downloads, superseding the former site

The move to this site is mostly motivated by the address of the site in line with the package name, and for pragmatic reasons moving to GIT for version control.

Project Description
An R package to inter-operate with arbitrary .NET code (Microsoft .NET and Mono). New location for [url:R to CLR:]


2014-12-18 - rClr 0.7-2 is out, with feature parity on MS.NET and Mono. Many improvements compared to the 0.5 series, many stemming from work done on the dependency R.NET.

2014-03-22 - I have been mostly busy with R.NET over the past few months, but should be able to release an update of rClr by July 2014. The main additional feature if it can be included would be the use of R reference classes to handle objects by reference. Improvements to R.NET will benefit rClr under the hood.

interfacing R and .NET; R and Mono; R to .NET; CLR hosting; embedding Mono

rClr is a package for the R statistical software: The goal is to interoperate with arbitrary .NET code from R without any modification to the existing code. Broadly speaking, it is for .NET what rJava is for Java.

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