new package using rClr

Nov 8, 2013 at 10:58 AM

I am agstudy from SO.
I am currently developing rsqlserver a new R package using rClr to access.
  • How can I contribute in the development of rClr? I need specially to manage nullable types and some data table types (single for example)
  • R users R more used to something like `install_github('rClr').
    Do you plan to put it in github? I can do a clone but how can U be sure to be up up to date with codeplex version.
Nov 13, 2013 at 7:21 AM

Desole de ne pas ecrire en francais, pour l'interet general et a cause de mon clavier anglo...

Sorry about the lag in reply; was distracted and out of office for a while.

Great to hear about your package. I'll be sure to have a look and promote to colleagues.

I have now a mirror of the package at and had success with:
install_github("rClr", username='jmp75')
on Windows 7 with VS2012

You are welcome to fork rClr and submit pull requests, using github if you prefer (the facilities are better than codeplex), to start with. I'd like to have features added in a test-driven manner; rClr uses testthat for its unit tests.

I have a couple of colleagues interested in packages depending on rClr, so there is a bit of a community of practice that could emerge.

My day job this year is not very aligned with .NET; I'll try to keep pushing on and help a few hours a week "on the side".

All the best with, and delighted to hear about, your endeavour with rsqlserver